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During summers we follow Fiba U16/U18/U20 European championships div. A, div. B and div. C.

We also follow other important international events such as Albert Schweitzer U18 Tournament, European Youth Basketball League, Adidas Next Generation, St. Istvan Cup, National Finals of Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary etc.


Our Standard Option includes a newsletter issued at least quarterly, which contains only basic information,  profiles and basic bios of the most interesting European prospects.

We constantly update our list, adding new players, new information.

Our Premium Option is a specific service with more detailed players information, contacts information, scouting report and (in most of the cases), SAT and academic information, eligibility information and video links.

Check also our Youtube channel for highlights videos of prospects.

Click here for a sample of a scouting report.

Basket Eastern Talents content is available to subscribers only. Information cannot be shared, copied or published without our authorization. The documents are pdf files which are sent directly to each subscribers e-mail, no username required.


No automatic renewal, payment is only for the season 2020/2021.


Due to the nature of our business (providing information), it's not possible to refund payments, even partially. All information about subscribers will be considered confidential.


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